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Slyboro Hard Cider's Kingston Black


9 Quirky Ciders That Are Perfect For A Summer Barbecue


How to pair Cider and Seafood


Serious Eats: American Ice Ciders


RELISH! Savor the flavors of real food.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Spreads the Word About Unique Apples and Artisan Ciders
MotherEarthNews.com - READ ARTICLE

Flavor of Fall - By Karen Shimizu (Source: Saveur)

During Prohibition, the practice of making hard cider—a drink with roughly the same alcohol content as beer and once the most common beverage in America—came screeching to a halt. - READ ARTICLE

Even the Drinks are LOCAL? Try Farm-fresh Apple Cider This Thanksgiving

A special thanks to Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider for singing the praises of Cider! Happy Thanksgiving!
MotherEarthNews.com - READ ARTICLE

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